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“I, Kent Sayre, Guarantee That After You Listen To This 

No Effort Weight Loss Audio Program 

For 21 Days In A Row, You Will Automatically 
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I Believe That A Thin Body Is Your Birthright!

Thursday, 4:14 P.M.
From the desk of Kent Sayre
America's Favorite Hypnotist
Portland, Oregon, USA

Dear Friend,

If you want to become thinner - and most of us do - I'm ready to help you with a method you may never have considered before: hypnosis.

Being thin was never meant to be a struggle - but oh, how much people struggle with their weight in today's times. Has that ever happened for you, too? Have you felt the sheer opposition between your desire to be thin and your desire to have the foods you crave? If so, you are not alone.

But first, three "quick facts" about hypnosis.  (It's not what you might be on.)

  • Hypnosis is not mind control - you have full control over your mind. It does not affect your religious beliefs or contradict them in any way.

  • Hypnosis does work - many celebrities have programs made tailored just for their own special needs.  
  • Hypnosis is just a matter of listening. You don't have to do anything at all.

Hypnosis Will Get You Slim And Keep You Slim

Quick question: Have you ever purchased a book, CD, video, or program and then never had the time to read and follow it? Well, I think we've all done that!

But here is what most people don't know: hypnosis is much, much faster (and easier) than reading a book. It's also more effective. Hypnosis relaxes you and encourages you, affecting your subconscious, so that you effortlessly move toward the results you desire and deserve. I've already taken care of everything you need; all YOU have to do is relax and listen...

In other words, the struggle to lose weight vanishes!

You could spend a fortune, month after month on weight loss pills, gadgets, exercise machines, fitness club memberships, or expensive diet programs... but now, you don't have to do that!

You will now be drawn toward healthy eating and exercise that feels good after you start and complete this hypnosis audio program.

You and I both know that "willpower" doesn't cut it.

Think about this: you can learn everything there is to know about dieting and exercise... But that won't make you lose weight. Heck, you could have a Ph.D. in diet and nutrition or exercise physiology, but that will NOT make you thin. It is not about how much you know!

Hypnosis makes it easy.  It works from the "inside out" so that you naturally WANT to do the things the hypnosis allows your mind to accept.

With hypnosis, it's as close as humanly possible to finding the "magic pill" to solve your problems - giving you breathtaking results in your life.

The Straight Truth About Hypnosis...

Here's how hypnosis works.  With hypnosis, you have a relaxed, focused awareness.  When you're in this relaxed state, you're mind can accept suggestions.  These suggestions go directly into your mind and take hold so that your thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes are permanently changed.  All action comes from someone's thoughts.  When you think differently, you'll behave differently... and get the results that you want.

There are a lot of myths about hypnosis that I'm going to blow apart right here. 

Myth #1: You lose consciousness in hypnosis

Wrong.  Hypnosis is a state of relaxation where you're always aware of what's going on around you.  You have full control over whether you accept or reject anything you hear. In fact, you can come out of hypnosis any time you want to by your own choice.

Myth #2: Hypnotized people act crazy

No. The people who believe this most likely have seen a stage hypnosis show.  Stage hypnosis is meant to entertain.  This  hypnosis program is designed to permanently change your life for the better.  

Myth #3: You're "under" someone else's power

Nothing could be further from the truth.  You cannot be hypnotized against your will.  Nobody can be hypnotized to do anything they wouldn't normally do.  

Myth #4: People reveal their deepest, darkest secrets in hypnosis

No!  You won't do or say anything in hypnosis that you wouldn't normally do and say. Your secrets are completely safe.

Myth #5: People get stuck in hypnosis

Nobody can get stuck in hypnosis.  Your mind always functions in your best interests.  If you're deep in hypnosis and one of my audio program ends, you'd simply fall asleep or realize that there no one was speaking and your mind would bring you back to conscious awareness. 

Myth #6: Not everyone can be hypnotized

Everyone can be hypnotized.  Some people do it easier from the start and other people have to practice relaxing a few times before it becomes very easy for them.  No matter who you are, you can be hypnotized.  In fact, most people don't even think they are hypnotized during a session.  However, after the session, they later report noticing positive changes in their lives.

You Must Get Tremendous Results In Your Life Or You Don't Pay!

This is my personal, unconditional guarantee to you:  If any of my products don't deliver on their promise to you or you don't get you real, verifiable results in your life, you don't pay.  You have nothing at risk with this guarantee.  I'm on the hook for everything

If you're not totally thrilled with your results, you can send it back within sixty days of purchase and I'll buy the program back from you.

You Get The "Royal" Treatment When You Are My Client!

I treat each client (that means YOU!) like a member of my "family." That means that I truly care about you and will crawl over broken glass to make sure you get the best possible service imaginable.  Without you, I wouldn't be in business as a hypnotist.  That means everything to me... and I take it very seriously. 

That means the best in customer service, and I'll earnestly listen to you and respond to your feedback, all because I want to have you as a client for a long time.

Through getting to know many of my clients, I've found them to be some of the smartest, savviest, most passionate, joyful people on the planet. 

Even though I've touched thousands of lives worldwide, I'm always moved when I get a letter from someone exactly like you, who has been in your same situation... and who has changed their life for the better.

Kent Sayre, America's Favorite Hypnotist

Hypnosis Is The Ultimate Tool To Make You Slimmer,
Happier, and Healthier

Forget "willpower"! In this hypnosis audio program, you're given "suggestions." You'll find yourself wanting to eat less and exercise because the suggestions come from the inside of you... at the very core levels of your mind.  

How surprised would you be to find yourself many pounds slimmer, looking totally attractive in the mirror and realizing that this hypnosis audio program was where it all began?

You'll fall in love with this program over and over every time you use it because of what it does for you and the amazing and powerful results you will experience.  End the struggle for weight loss now and step into a new way of being.

You don't have to wait for anything by mail.  You receive it instantly, as soon as you order. You don't even have to download anything if you don't want to.  All you have to do is press "play," listen and relax.  My powerful hypnosis technology takes care of everything else!  This is a must-have product for you when you desire to lose weight.   

Your one-time investment to make this unique audio program yours forever is only $29.95.

My publisher has agreed to make my unique audio program available for a fraction of the usual price - for the special kind of people who know what they want, and take action quickly!

For all of you who order, my legendary audio is available for the special price of only $17.77 during this special test and this program is yours forever.

Test this for yourself, using it exactly as instructed - listening to it once per day, every day for three weeks straight. If you skip a day, then just start the three weeks over again. You will see a difference in your eating and exercise habits, and you'll enjoy the side-benefits of being more relaxed than ever.

This product is guaranteed, and I'll give you plenty of time even if something comes up and you have to start your three-week listening sessions over again. All I ask is that you listen to this audio for three weeks straight.

This audio is instantly downloadable on your computer. Or if you don't want to download anything, I've covered that, too - you can just press "play" and listen to it right from this website. You won't have to download a thing if you don't want to!


"I love this hypnosis audio.  It has been my  introduction to hypnosis, and I'm so fortunate that this introduction came through Kent Sayre himself; otherwise, I might never have come to appreciate this powerful method to achieve success. Kent's 'No Effort Weight Loss' program is exactly what the title states - there is no effort on your part. You simply play this audio and Kent takes care of the rest.

"I've lost count of the number of times I have listened to this program at the end of the day. I simply play it on the computer near my bed while I'm falling asleep. It helps me reprogram my subsconscious and makes taking off weight a positive experience instead of something to dread. It has also has the unexpected side benefit of improving confidence and self-esteem.

"As a writer, I have recommended this audio to countless people, and it has been so well received time and time again!  I personally am so impressed with the truly conscientious work Kent does on this program. Work that is of high quality stands out from the rest, and this program is exceptional.  Don't miss out! The value and benefits you will receive are tremendous." 

 --Mimi Tanner, author of Calling Men - The Complete Guide to Calling and Emailing the Men You Date and  How To Have A Hypnotic Effect On Your Man

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